Emmure guitarist guitarist announces debut solo EP “No Rest”

Joshua Travis - Emmure

Following the successful launch of his debut track ‘Web Of Lies,’ EMMURE guitarist JOSHUA TRAVIS is delighted to officially announce his upcoming solo EP NO REST, due out March 18, 2022 via metal connoisseurs SharpTone Records.

Coupled with the release of new single and visualizer for ‘Leviathan‘ ft. Ryo Kinoshita (Crystal Lake) and Chad Kapper (Frontierer, A Dark Orbit, When Knives Go Skyward), the highly-anticipated project is packed with more features than actual tracks and boasts a global cast of guests including members of Australia’s Polaris, America’s Fit For A King, Monuments, and more.

“On Leviathan I was stoked to be able to work with two polar opposites in range and tonality,” Travis revealed of his second single. “I wanted to make the track completely flip right in the middle, but I also wanted a sound that complimented how low the song jumps at that part. Having Ryo basically murder from the top to the bottom vocally left this very specific sweet spot for Chad. The end result for me feels like we grabbed the whole sonic spectrum and just assaulted it.”

A harmonious symphony arising from a cacophony of sound and feeling, NO REST and all of its mesmerizing intricacies can best be understood through a lens of organized chaos. With a goal of almost complete creative freedom, songs were shipped to collaborators with virtually no instruction, providing an open invitation for the raw power of expression to seep into every corner of the five-track collection. A mentality fans can look forward to experiencing in full as the release of NO REST draws near, listeners can pre-order the EP https://bfan.link/leviathan and stream the new song below for all their immediate headbanging needs.



Joshua Travis - No Rest