ENERGETIC KRUSHER – Path to Oblivion (Double CD / Re-Issue)

Release Date: May 31st 2023 - Awakening Records

ENERGETIC KRUSHER - Path to Oblivion

Awakening Records (China) is the label when it comes to resurrecting bands and albums from the golden era of the late eighties and nineties when tape trading ruled and bands spread by word of mouth with their attitude and their music. Specialising in the underground of Death and thrash metal, they leave no stone unturned. UK act Energetic Krusher is the latest to receive the Awakening records treatment. Not only do you get the 1989 Path to Oblivion, but everything they have ever recorded, including new sources of demo material, liner notes written by original drummer Hairy, and a booklet that contains photos, flyers, everything.

Short sharp, and furious, Energetic Krushers skills lay in creating maximum impact in their music without unnecessary baggage. The experimental intro to ‘’War Path’’ is brief and allows them to get down to the business of thrash-infused death Metal. “Path to Oblivion” was originally released on vinyl in 1989 and was sadly overlooked as it captures the energy of thrash and hardcore punk, especially n tracks ‘’ S.K.I.V.E.E.’’ and ‘’Battle Cry” yet also has the lurking predatory sound of original death metal as the burgeoning movement that became a tsunami within the underground. The rough, typically English punk attitude allows Energetic Krusher to infuse their music with that edge of violence other bands simply do not have. The guitars buzz like angry mechanical weapons of destruction, sometimes overpowering a raw, primal rhythm section. Some of the production is suitably abysmal. The first version of “Cold Blooded Killers’’ sounds like it was recorded on a standard tape player, whilst’’ Locust ‘’ is all tremolo and top end.’’ “Back From The Dead” slows it down just a touch to drive its message home.

The sound is thick and dense and aptly unapologetic. Energetic Krushers music consumes you with its uncompromising energy and fierce, angry spirit. It has that pure metal energy, along with excellent guitar and bass leads, combined with some melody and experimental musical moments. Path to Oblivion doesn’t deserve a relisten, it demands it!

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Release Year: 2023
Label: Awakening Records
Category: Double CD / Re-Issue
Country: UK

Reviewed by Sparky