Putricid – Suppuration (Re-Issue Review)

Release Date: June 24th 2022 - Awakening Records

Putricid – Suppuration

Named after a bacterial infection that literally causes lesions on the brain Quebec’s Putricid (that originally began as Putrefacted Cadaver) has had its demos resurface in an excellent single release.

1990’s Putrified Cadaver and 1992’s Suppuration are here in all their ugly glory. This is pure first-wave death metal with guitar solos that pierce the eardrums, rhythms that go from slow to energetic speed, and the inhumane sounds that emerge from Jean-Roti. This is malevolent, honest music devoted to its ideology of inhumane music with gore-splattered principles.

Forming in 1989 the sound is raw primal and has that demo energy without the unnecessary polish, ‘’Doxologie’’ also included as a re-recording in 2021, and probably the most demented ‘’hymn’’ you will ever hear, ‘’ Suppuration’’ and ‘’ Saprophagy’’ are all outstanding representations of a movement that began as being the heaviest, insane form of music possible, the time changes and kicks, those crazy solos and the attitude. From the opening scream of ‘’Fatal Incantation’’, this is pure death metal with utter commitment, the slow parts designed for maximum head movement and carnage.

Glorious old school Death metal delivered with utterly guttural vocals Putricid gets the Awakening records treatment of being fully remastered, suitably horrific new artwork, and the full biography treatment, necessary for the fan of the dedicated to the underground and the honest brutality that comes with it.

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Release Year: 2022
Label: Awakening Records
Category: Album
Country: Canada

Reviewed by Sparky