EWIGKEIT: Land of Fog 20/20 ReVision Out Now Digitally & Stream song Super-Sonic Blue Thunder

Super-Sonic Blue Thunder by Ewigkeit is now streaming on Youtube. The song is taken from the restored album Land of Fog. A mix of post-Black Metal, Stoner Metal and Classic 70’s Rock, this is a good example of the psychedelic sounds of the album. Released digitally today, 3rd of February, and on CD on the 2nd of March. All pre-orders come with custom-made King Size cigarette papers.

British Metal project Ewigkeit has restored and re-produced the 3rd album Land of Fog (recorded in 2000) for a 20th anniversary re-release. Ewigkeit – a project of James Fogarty who is also part of the bands In The Woods, Old Forest, Jaldaboath and others – is re-recording and re-producing the albums from the first years. Ewigkeit was founded in 1995 and released the Black/Pagan metal album Battle Furies in 1997 which was re-recorded in 2017 as Battle Furies 2.017. The Symphonic Black/Space themed metal album Starscape followed in 1999 with a re-recording in 2019 as Starscape 2.019. To complete the original trilogy of Ewigkeit re-releases, James has unearthed the original recordings of the Land of Fog to enhance, clean and re-present them as Land of Fog 20/20 ReVision, together with revised artwork. Despite being recorded only a year after Starscape (and released 3 years later in 2003), Land of Fog was a notable departure in styling, sound and vision to its predecessor. The dark and bleak atmospheres were replaced by dense keyboard layered melodic and ambient psychedelia-inspired metal. Early 90’s Black Metal influence had made room for a strong inspiration from mid 70s Hawkwind, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath and the contemporary releases of Anathema, Opeth and In The Woods; the metaphorical pentagram had been supplanted by the cannabis leaf.

“Lyrical themes delved into the inner worlds of the subconscious and the imagination, the search for meaning in deep space had turned inwards to celebrate the nostalgia of earlier times”, Fogarty explains. “Another change was the introduction of clean vocal passages, which were to prove a good training ground for future projects.”
The press said the following about the original:
With its swirling moods and razor sharp riffage it’ll have even the most stony-faced fan smiling from ear to ear. Kerrang

The bizarreness reaches its apogee on the title track, which cavorts from its uptempo beginnings into a lumbering ragbag of trickery and innovation. Terrorizer

Mr. Fogarty takes us on a nearly 40 minute journey through our own minds, the soul and abysses of human existence. The resulting intensity is almost unbelievable, but the genius of the album is only finally revealed after a few runs. Bloodchamber

a psychedelic mind-warped backdrop of dark music. Inspired by the sounds of psychedelic rock acts such as Hawkwind and many others bands of the bygone days, „Land of Fog” is a combination of extreme metal, classic and psychedelic rock” Thrashing Rage

Kerrang! (UK) 4/5
Terrorizer Mag (UK) 7/10
Metal Message (Germany) 8/10
Kogaionon (Romania) 85/100
True Metal (Italy) 70/100
Froster (Ukraine) 4/5
Roar Webzine (Holland) 4/5
Bloodchamber.de (Germany) 9/10
Noizy Asyleum webzine (France) 7/10
Beyond (Belgium) 85/100
Les Acteurs De L’ombre (France) 9.5/10
Ancient Spirit (Germany) 9/10
Ars Metallia (Belgium) 4.5/5
Metal Dungeon (Germany) 8/10
Violent Solutions (France) 14/20
Noiseweb (France) 7.5/10
Metal Mania (Czech rep.) 8/10
Metal.de (Germany) 8/10
Lords of Metal webzine (Holland) 78/100
Bright-eyes.de (Germany) 9/13
Bleeding Chaos zine (Greece) 7/10
Shock (Hungary) 7/10
Shapeless (Italy) 6.5/10
Gothcore (Holland) 8.6/10

Scheduled for release via Death To Music Productions as both a digital album (3rd Feb 2020) and on extended CD album (2nd Mar 2020) – the CD will include a previously unreleased track from the same period, plus the original demo versions of 4 songs.

Ewigkeit is the ever-changing project of British multi-instrumentalist James Fogarty (In The Woods, Old Forest, Jaldaboath and others). Starting off as a Black Metal project in the mid 90s, the project has veered from Symphonic Black Metal to Industrial to 70’s Space Rock and back again in the many years of it’s on/off existence.

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All music, lyrics, production & artwork by James Fogarty
Mastered by Kjetil Ottersen (Vektor Facilities)

1.  Land of Fog
2.  Supersonic Blue Thunder
3.  Not All There
4.  The Only Way
5.  Interlude
6.  Tired Face
7.  Yesterday’s Rain
8.  The Doomsday Machine
9.  Escapologies

Land of Fog can be pre-ordered now from www.DeathToMusic.com. The album is digitally available today and on CD on 02/03/20.

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