Tria Mera – Extinction (EP Review)

Tria Mera - Extinction

Tria Mera’s new EP Extinction features 6 heavy as fuck songs ready to tear ya face off– Requiem, The Sacrifice, Severance, The Solace of Tomorrow, Illusions, and Waiting for Destruction. Firstly the EP we received looks and feels awesome! Made from high-quality cardboard the front covers artwork really stands out and as the EP’s title suggests the post-apocalyptic picture looks like the goods with a headless stone statue standing before fire and ash consuming a burning city.

Opening the EP greets you with lyrics for each song and once you play the first one “Requiem” you will not want to take the CD out of the player! The sound production is very good as is the musicianship. The vocals are blasted out with ferocity, all three guitars are played with great ability and the drumming will make you want to start taking lessons. You can hear the hours of hard work put into these 6 songs.

As for Tria Mera’s sound, they have a mixed array of elements in their songs– heavy & fast riffing, slow melodic parts, fast double-kick drumming & cool fills, shouted vocals with a few cleanly sung lines, and great guitar work with awesome solos, it’s all there! For people new to Aussie/underground metal the one band that comes to mind that best describes Tria Mera’s sound would be (but in no way duplicating them) Trivium.

I found it very easy to headbang to each song with “The Sacrifice” and “Waiting for Destruction” the standouts but the whole EP rocks with each track delivering copious amounts of metal. My highlight of the entire listening experience was the great drumming and guitar solos but if I had to choose the best bit to blast to a potential Tria Mera fan, it would be the crazy build-up in “The Sacrifice”. At around 2.15 minutes in, it features some great chugging riffage from the guitars doing battle with the kick drum before it all goes nuts with one of those solos that leaves you embarrassingly holding your hands and fingers in air guitar mode!

Extinction is all class and put simply quality heavy metal. Do yourself a favor and see these guys live then buy the physical EP. You will not regret it. Tria Mera’s Extinction will easily hold its own in your metal collection. We highly recommend it.

(The review was first published by Northern Rivers Heavy Metal Facebook.)

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Release Year: 2014
Label: self-released
Category: EP
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Metal maN