Forgery – With These Fists (Album Review)

Forgery is a Thrash band from Oslo, Norway, and formed in 1990. After a demo in the early 90s, they were inactive for quite a long time before reforming in 2002 where they created 3 more demos and their first full-length album “Harbouring Hate” in 2009. Forgery has now released their latest act of brutality “With These Fists“.

With These Fists” is very powerful in your face album. With hard-hitting drums, quick double kicks, face-smashing riffs, and in-your-face vocals, it’s obvious that these boys from Norway are here to make a statement.
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The guitar work is most impressive; they are loud and some of them are actually least expected. Track 1 “Effigy”, in the bridge, we get a prime example of the riff work and it’s similar to Meshuggah. Forgery also uses a lot of effective fills and grooves in their riff work which is also a big stand-out on this album. Obviously, the riffs would not be as hard-hitting if it wasn’t for the bass and drums as they both play a major role in having Forgery’s music be what it is, which is heavy, powerful, and it will not let you stop to take a breath. Forgery does not shy away from using offbeat riffs which also gives it that sense of unexpectancy of what is going to happen next. Vocals are tough and dominant in this album which could be compared to a heavier Rob Flynn and Max Cavalera.
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The stand-out track on this album is “Effigy” – it’s a track that gets stuck into your head and has your headbanging even if you are not listening to it. Also, the grooves and riffs in this track are most impressive. “Mind of Rage”, possibly my favorite on this album because the intro riff is most impressive – you will know it when you hear it and it’s just a heavy song that will burn your face off. Lastly, “Black Mourning” with more awesome riffs that will get your horns in the air and vocals that will tear you apart.

This is a very tough and tight album from Forgery. I think it’s a throwback to some of those real heavy albums that came out in the last 80s early 90s as there are no gimmicks and now bull just hard-hitting metal. That’s a force to be reckoned with.

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Release Year: 2014
Label: Battlegod Productions
Category: Album
Country: Norway

Reviewed by Brent Logan