Fall and Resist – Darkness Of Now (EP Review)

Release Date: August 05th 2022 - Independent

Fall And Resist - Darkness Of Now

Today’s review is for the upcoming EP Darkness Of Now by Ballarat/Geelong legends Fall and Resist. This is the 3rd studio release for the band and it’s incredible. From beginning to end this is a standout release and at no stage are their weak elements. The vocals are top-notch, the instruments equally so, and the lyrics are deeply moving. Fall & Resist are Liam (Frosty) Frost-Camilleri (Guitars/Vocals), Benito Martino (Drums), Brendon Pyers (Guitars), and Rory Pyers (Bass). Darkness Of Now is due for release on August 5.

Have I told you how much I love EPs? Of course, I love the full album too, but I always find a good EP to punch above its weight. It allows a band 4-5ish songs which demonstrate their depth of talent. This means they’re only ever going to put their best songs forward. Darkness Of Now is a perfect example. This EP is wall-to-wall awesomeness which leaves you wanting more.

Commencing the release is Creators Of Our Own Demise which is the perfect opener, starting with a gentle atmospheric piano introduction leading into a primal drum beat. It’s an emotional opener for what is an emotional release. I absolutely love the shout of “GO!” before Fall and Resist launch into pure metal heaviness. It’s such a great sound which will have your head banging and I’m sure will be lots of fun live. There are plenty of blast beats to keep you going and the gentle outro is a nice nod to the song’s intro.

Following on we have Nothing But Pain which starts off which a killer guitar solo and is an amazing song from start to finish. Frosty’s vocals really stand out in this track, to put it plainly they’re faultless. Nothing But Pain finishes with a great flamenco-esque guitar section – a perfect juxtaposition to the heaviness of the earlier sections.

Transient Forgiveness is the heaviest song on the EP and is brutality from the get-go. This is a circle pit’s wet dream, be rest assured this will have the crowd going wild! At about the 1-minute mark there’s this amazingly deep chanting of “breath, just breath” before going into some nasty breakdowns. Just a really cool section that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Rounding out we have As It All Starts To Fray which is the stand-out track. The passion and emotion here are positively permeating through my speakers and the lyrics are from the heart. They really struck a chord with me. You absolutely feel the line “trapped in a darkness of doubt” – it hurts and is 100% genuine.

Wow, what a great release from Fall & Resist. They’re so damn talented and I really hope we see some national tours (hint: play Canberra!) soon because this sound is made to be played live! Well done lads!


  1. Creators Of Our Own Demise
  2. Nothing But Pain
  3. Transient Forgiveness
  4. As It Starts To Fray

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Release Year: 2022
Label: Independent
Category: EP
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Phil Bergersen