Victorian melodeath outfit Fall And Resist to release new EP “Darkness Of Now”

Fall And Resist

Fresh off their previous album release, Fading Cinders, Fall and Resist are back with a 4 track EP called ‘Darkness of Now‘ that expands their musical horizons with their latest release.

Fusing post-metal, thrash and melo-death elements, Fall and Resist are looking to break new musical ground with their authentic blend of aggression and sadness while still nodding to melo-death giants such as Dark Tranquillity and At The Gates. Fall and Resist are ready to showcase how they have built on their sound with 4 tracks that have quite different sentiments.

The album, ‘Darkness Of Now’ is available for preorder on their Bandcamp page here:

After the break up of technical death metal band Into Ruin, Liam “Frosty” Frost-Camilleri decided to start a new band that was more aligned with his melo-death roots. Showing his material to Brendon then finding Benito via social media, Fall and Resist was later joined by Rory to complete the line-up. After their first few rehearsal sessions, the boys

Their first offering ‘Buried Beneath’ showcases their breadth of music ability and taste. The four tracks capture the energy and grit of the band and the artwork would set the scene for the next release, a full length album titled Fading Cinders. Fading Cinders was a further refinement of the band’s sound, with an emphasis on complex song structures and shades of light and dark within the music. The lyrical themes cut closer to the bone in mainstay live tracks such as ‘Severity’ and ‘Cinders’. The band are set to extend their musical horizons with their next offering, Darkness of Now, by including elements of thrash and post-metal.

Fall and Resist strives to create music that speaks to their audience. Their sound is essentially a mongrel of sorrowful melody and hostile aggression which is used to reflect the harsh realities of life. With blistering drums, driving song structures, hook-filled melodies and the occasional orchestral melody, Fall and Resist have begun to develop their style into an energetic powerhouse. Their commanding stage presence creates an energy that their aud


Fall And Resist - Darkness Of Now