Feralia – Under Stige – Over Dianam (Album Review)

Release Date: April 28th 2022 - Time To Kill Records

Feralia - Under Stige - Over Dianam

Under Stige – Over Dianam is a study in duality. The opposing forces of darkness and light, the heavy and savage versus the male and feminine. Black Metal versus gentle acoustic.

Incredible and original this Italian act is fearless in its approach and execution. On this their second release the depth and devotion to their craft is a thing to behold. Darker, powerful, and musically diverse Under Stige – Over Dianamis is a double album that explores the ritual of Death and the Afterlife in Ancient Roman traditions. “Under Stige” is an extreme, nocturnal, Black metal album. From haunted whispers to pure extreme tremolo picking ‘’ The Pyre And The Stars’’ and ‘’ Marcia Funesta’’ encapsulate their ferocity, savage riffing dripping in the atmosphere with the many different vocal styles that give the music character and dimension, an Avant-Garde approach that isn’t bound by the standard rules of Black Metal yet is inherently possessed by its spirit.

Over Dianam is the album that represents the femininity of the subject matter. Whereas Under Stige is speed and fury, Over Dianam is a deft subtle excursion into beauty, where the rage is replaced by the sombre, the raw replaced with melody. The female vocals are hidden and another example of the expert subtlety the band provides. Feralia is able to explore all the musical requirements to tell a heartfelt tale that is beautiful and personal.

That Under Stige – Over Dianam is a double album of opposing extremes, none of their power or direction is lost whether it be melancholy or epic darkness. Feralia has created an accomplishment in opposing forces that is natural, honest, dark, and unlimited.

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Release Year: 2022
Label: Time To Kill Records
Category: Album
Country: Italy

Reviewed by Sparky