Fernando Colunga: Serbian death ‘n’ roll band release new single/video

For the first time since the formation in 2010, the band had a real drummer for this song (Miloš Kostić), instead of using the rhythm machine as before. It made a work somewhat different and a bit complicated since the (now) full line-up has been at one place at the same time only during the recording of the video.

Since we have mentioned a video, it’s also another for the 1st time thing. As a way to celebrate the 10th anniversary, band members made a decision to make a completely cheap, do-it-yourself video, recorded only with their mobile phones, edited by Peđa Eraković. It has been published on Thursday, 5th of August 2021. and you can find it here:

When it comes to the song itself, composing had started a couple of days after the state of an emergency (because of Covid-19) was declared in March 2020, while initial rehearsals and recordings took place in late April and early May.

Finally, most of the instrumental parts were recorded in a couple of occasions during the summer (with some additional changes in early autumn), while vocals were recorded in mid-September. Recording and production were done in the band’s hometown Studio Inferno by Marko Živković (drums) and Stefan Milenković (guitars, bass and vocals). Mixing and mastering were done in mid-May 2021. in Belgrade (Serbia) by Karlo Testen.

Thematically, the song tells a story from the point of view of José Armando (played by Fernando Colunga) during the period after he had lost his sight after the horse-riding accident, filled with grief and remorse because he came to the understanding that he inflicted the pain to Esmeralda (played by Leticia Calderon). Sitting alone in the dark, he is now fully aware that the only person to blame is himself.

Artwork for the single has been done by Slađana Gavrić., while Javier Del Pozo made the band’s logo.

Un Lamento Por Esmeralda is released on all leading streaming services, such as Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Amazon, etc. (courtesy of Fangtasia Music), while the special digital edition which includes not only the original song, but also instrumental and demo versions, plus some other previously unreleased bonus tracks is available on the band label’s Bandcamp page: https://ciklonizacija.bandcamp.com/album/un-lamento-por-esmeralda-ep

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