I Built The Sky & Jake Howsam Lowe: To Release New EP ‘Coalesce’

Australia’s I Built The Sky and Jake Howsam Lowe (The Helix Nebula/Plini) have teamed up to release a collaborative new EP, titled ‘Coalesce’, which also features members of Intervals, The Omnific and the Virgil Donati band. The EP features 5 tracks with the usual mind-bending riffs & solos, masterful songwriting and some exhilarating surprises along the way.

January/February of 2020 was a great time for both IBTS and Jake, with what seemed to be an EPIC year to follow. IBTS was on tour supporting Monuments & Heart of A Coward in EU/UK, and Jake was playing for Plini, supporting Periphery in North America. They both made it back home – and then everything shut down. After taking some time to process the situation, the two decided to turn a truly shitty situation into an opportunity, and thus began the creation of the ‘Coalesce’ EP.

The EP is elegantly crafted with each track harnessing its own musical journey, featuring big orchestral arrangements, synths, punishing drums, sick riffs and insane shredding, all of which conducted with truly purposeful and majestic execution.

The duo recruited Nathan Bulla (Intervals) on drums and Toby Peterson-Stewart (The Omnific) on Bass and with Adam Bentley (Arch Echo) to mix and Dan McNally to Master, no short cuts were taken to produce a massive sound full of world-class musicianship. The EP also features an insane guest solo from virtuoso Andre Nieri (Virgil Donati) on the track ‘Ascendant’. ‘Coalesce’ captures the excitement and finesse of progressive instrumental guitar bangers, and then some.

“Getting to finally collaborate on a full release with Ro was awesome and I think our writing styles complimented each other perfectly to make the whole process a breeze. The second track “Mirage” is a personal favourite but it’s hard to choose just one!” -Jake Howsam Lowe

“I’ve always admired Jake’s talents ever since coming across his music and to finally lock in some time together to work on an EP was nothing but a pleasure. Jake and my chemistry were obvious in the writing sessions and the end results I am truly proud of. My favourite track is ‘Ascendant’ with a big soft spot for ‘Ataraxia’ which turned out beautifully.” – Rohan Stevenson

The 5 track EP is set for independent release on September 17th 2021 with the first single & music video for ‘Coalesce’ and Pre-Orders available now.
Check out first single ‘Coalesce’ video clip here now: