Flávio Brandão “Stratosphere Project” releases powerful power metal album “Depersonalization”

Flávio Brandão

“Stratosphere Project” is the new project by musician Flávio Brandão. “Depersonalization” is a semi-concept album, where the musician signs all the guitars, bass, keyboards and drum arrangements, and invited vocalists from all over the world to participate in the power metal album. All compositions are created by the musician, who is also responsible for the technical part of pre- and post-production of the albums.

The “Depersonalization” disc is available for listening on all streaming platforms.

The first four tracks of “Depersonalization” come with the idea of going through a set of mental disorders. The other songs are not directly part of this concept, but their themes are sometimes subjective, sometimes inspired by the composers’ ideas about life or stories. The album’s theme song deals with depersonalization, a very peculiar symptom in people with various disorders where the person loses track of reality and no longer knows how to differentiate whether what he is seeing is, in fact, a lucid dream or a hallucination.

Project formed at the end of 2019, started its activities in an unpretentious way, and consisted of collaborative songs focused on power metal by bands such as Helloween, Stratovarius, Masterplan, among many other musical influences. “Stratosphere Projec” – “Depersonalization” features vocalists Volker Siefer, Rainer Michael Ludvik, Lean Van Ranna, Gus Castro and Michael Hos.

Listen on Spotify HERE.

Flávio Brandão: Stratosphere Project - Depersonalization