GIG REVIEW: Sunk Loto, Osaka Punch, The Last Martyr – Brisbane, July 30th 2022

The Triffid - Brisbane, QLD

Sunk Loto - Brisbane, July 30th 2022 | Photo Credit: Just Ignore the Camera


Can’t go to far wrong with a night at The Triffid, always a good beer on tap and plenty of tasty food to be had. Super friendly staff and top notch gig room that has a great even sound and plenty of ventilation which makes enjoying a super packed sold out gig a breeze.

To start the night we had new and upcoming band I had not had the pleasure of hearing live before, The Last Martyr were energised and ready to rock. A solid all round performance with a distinctly nu-metal rap rock sound I haven’t heard done better by any female vocalist to date. With the drums blasting hard and the strings complimenting the electronic backing, this band is leading the way into categories unknown with a sound entirely their own. With new music up and coming I think that The Last Martyr are one to keep an ear on. 

Osaka Punch a band who in my opinion should be known by everyone in the Brisbane music scene and beyond. Their fun eclectic mix of rock, funk and metal that will goad anyone into moving their  body to the beat. From tapping your toes to full on head banging and thrashing it out this bunch of legends will entice you to partake. Completely absorbing and hilariously interactive there a few who can work a crowd better. 

With cheeky new track unexpectedly thrown into the set, Osaka never disappoints. Kamikaze holds true to form, upbeat and energetic and thoroughly enjoyable. I hope this means more new music / albums to come soon. 

And now the moment we were all there for, the long overdue and exceptionally entertaining SUNK LOTO.

It’s hard to know what to expect from a band you saw and loved as a young fella in 2001 at the good old Wooloongabba hotel, which no longer exists by the way. Were my memories of that night going to hold up to the test of time? I am very pleased to say that I was just blown away, completely and utterly. Time has not dulled the raw sharp edge they had back then, if anything the time and experience has honed them into a lethal arrangement that set the crowd alight. 

From the very first chord to the very last beat every person there was reliving their youth all over again. This was the set we had all come to see and there wasn’t disappointed punter in the house. With an explosion of energy and methodical precision that belie the fact that there had even been a 15 year hiatus as a band. Same band? Yes. Same Music?  Yes. Same performance? Not a chance! There was something fresh and exciting, like hearing it all again for the time but a more precise and mature version of those songs from long ago.

I can’t speak for everyone but I for one cannot wait for some new music from these champions, if the set we were offered has is indication we could be on the verge of something great. I just hope we don’t have to wait to long because I am still buzzing from the gig and I’m ready for more. 

Reviewed by Stephen Simpson  |  Photos by Just Ignore the Camera

Sunk Loto

Osaka Punch, The Last Martyr