Glasya release video for the song ‘From Enemy to Hero’


Glasya has released a video for the song ‘From Enemy to Hero‘ – the first single taken from the second album ‘Attarghan‘, set to be released on February 18th, and featuring Temperance’s Marco Pastorino on vocals. Pre-orders:

“‘From Enemy to Hero’ it’s about redemption: as humans we do make mistakes, but we need to have the will to solve them and the strength to build a better tomorrow. We could be an enemy yesterday, but today we can be somebody’s hero!” – Glasya

Glasya describes themselves as a “Soundtrack Metal band” – being inspired by the colourful soundtrack LPs of the 60’s and 70’s, where small audio passages from the movie were included on the album to take the listener to that singular moment where the music appeared and, with so, make him remember the story after seeing it in the movie theatre. In other words, their main purpose is to tell stories and give the fans the perfect soundtrack to be involved in!

Today, Glasya takes a step forward in this storytelling mission and introduces us to Attarghan’s history – a former army commander, turned to a rebel, who drives the uprising of the people colonized by an unhistorical pre-Persian Empire and became the main opposing force against it.

‘Attarghan’ consists of 15 distinctive tracks that flow along as the story evolves: each one expresses the feeling of a specific moment and arouses the imagination to that certain time and space.

An epic tale deserves an epic soundtrack, and the Portuguese band is more than capable to provide it.



Glasya - Attarghan