Godless Truth – Godless Truth (Album Review)

Release Date: March 04th 2022 - Transcending Obscurity Records

Godless Truth – Godless Truth

Godless Truth returns with their latest full-length album after 16 years! The Czech masters of technical death metal have crafted a finely tuned war machine of an album that is intense and lightning-quick

Did I say fast? Godless Truth is deadly quick in places! Pedal to the metal exponents of speed with excellent double kick work and shredding guitars that will please the toughest of critics. The music transitions seamlessly between tempo changes without ever losing direction or intensity. The instrumentals offer little respite, and the band isn’t afraid to add tinges of melody along with the punishing nature of their music.

It’s sharp and incredibly focussed, ‘’Scissors”, “Bred in Greed” with its excellent kick work and the hyperintensity of ‘’RIP Cage’’ are examples of a band in full possession of dynamics, with blast beats accentuated by huge brief solos and a haunting piano coda that puts the exclamation mark on the excellent ‘’Wake up to Obey”’

A self-titled release that after 22 years in the crafting of death metal still sees them pushing the boundaries of a genre that is undergoing a resurgence and themselves at the forefront. Technical and brutal without resorting to digital trickery, their prowess lies in crafting excellent musically proficient tracks that are raw, energetic, and incredibly heavy.

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Release Year: 2022
Label: Transcending Obscurity Records
Category: Album
Country: Czech Republic

Reviewed by Sparky