Golgothian Remains – Adorned in Ruin (Album Review)

Release Date: April 01st 2022 - Brilliant Emperor Records/Sentient Ruin Laboratories

Golgothan Remains - Adorned In Ruin

Sydney’s Golgothian Remains return to terrorize the senses with their Brutal death metal. Adorned in Ruin is their second album and sees the band progress into new realms of heaviness that was only hinted at on their debut “Perverse Offerings to the Void.”

Ugly, cruel, and uncompromising ‘’ Adorned in Ruin’’ is modern death metal performed with a demented zeal that takes from the finest moments of the genre and gives them new unholy purpose. Their music reeks of malevolence and dissonance, there is an undercurrent of violence to their single-minded approach that does not allow for transgressions. The riffs are scathing, the drumming precise with excellent kick work, and the vocals purely abominate in their vitriol.

Coldblooded it may be, but it is also atmospheric that adds chaos and feelings of claustrophobic darkness. Unafraid to take chances that have helped shaped extreme metal. ‘’ …Of Morbid Blood And Serpent Skins’’ drips in seething speed and intent, the vocals barking and yet guttural growling in their bile and revolt. ‘’ Forgotten Lores Of Hatred And Bloodshed’’ is fast, technical, and precise,’’ The Malign Hordes Of Abhorrence’’ from its supremely heavy doom intro dials in the classic metal speed assault that is true and fierce in its assault from speed to mid-paced pummelation.

Adorned in Ruin is an intense experience from beginning to end and unashamedly proud to be the extreme of death metal in all its perversions. Impassioned, this Australian act has added yet another definition in the Brutal section of metal!

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Release Year: 2022
Label: Brilliant Emperor Records/Sentient Ruin Laboratories
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Sparky