Idol Of Fear – Trespasser (Album Review)

Release Date: March 11th 2022 - Indepandent

Idol Of Fear - Trespasser

Idol of Fear is a Canadian act that has delivered their third independent full-length release, Trespasser. An album free of every form of cliché, that carries the burden of the real and the dismay of knowledge. A simply superb album.

When Austin Delivers the line ‘’Everything’s a Lie” from the brilliant Trespasser it is not out of hate and anguish but the cold resignation of fact, a solitary voice lost among the guitar lines, despairing keyboards, and excellent rhythm. Idol of Fear epitomizes the realities of our existence and their consequences with a somber honesty and bitterness that makes their music personal, thoughts and emotions expressed through the heaviest of rhythms and excellent guitar riffs.

Every track is a natural progression on the last, It is an organic unhurried piece of art that is as breath-taking as it is heavy. Taking components from the extremes of music combining the bleakest of what is known as Black Metal and seamlessly integrating melodies and dissonant guitar that is vital, experimental, and daring, where all parts make the whole, from calming ambiance to harsh vocal lines. The production brings timbre to the keys and the percussion has never sounded more primal and alive.

“Phantom,” “In the Cold Light of Dawn,” Alone With You,” and “All Which Can Burn” are all superb examples of a cohesive, unrepentant mindset that is entrancing as it is candid. This is poetry at its heaviest the haunting coda of instrumental ‘’Endless’’ is the perfect denouement to such a record.

Eloquent, frightening, and tangibly real, it is the reflection of a lost, fearful mindset that longs for answers. Trespasser is a hostile Masterpiece.

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Release Year: 2022
Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: Canada

Reviewed by Sparky