Gorefield (Australia)

Metal-Roos: How did you guys become a band?
Kurt: In high school Danyn played in one band and me in another. Marcus (now Gorefield manager) and Len (now road manager) played in a band with me and when Len graduated we got Danyn to play with us. BJ joined us after that and we all played in one band. But that was only a high school band. After graduating from high school, we formed a 3 piece and got serious about it.

Metal-Roos: So when exactly did you officially become a band?
Kurt: 1. 1. 2011
BJ: Yeah, we made our Facebook page New Year’s Eve, so officially it’s 1 January 2011.

Metal-Roos: When was your first gig?
BJ: January 2011. 18th birthday party.
Kurt: We were paid in really crap beer.
Danyn: Great party!

Metal-Roos: How do you describe your style?
Kurt: We try not to think too much about that, it’s just whatever we feel like writing and think is cool at the time.
BJ: We heard so many styles describing us. Usually Heavy Metal and Thrash. One was South California Punk.
Kurt: But we are not trying to be a style. We don’t write our songs for some style.

Metal-Roos: Which band is your biggest influence?
Kurt: Megadeth
All three: Skullfist
Danyn: Motörhead

Metal-Roos: What are you currently working on?
Kurt: Touring. We are a touring band, going from city to city in Australia playing until we conquered the city. Then move on.

Metal-Roos: How many more dates for the tour?
BJ: 5-6?
Kurt: It’s 10 or 11 dates and we have played some shows. And we still have some gigs coming. In the moment we try to get into the Stormrider Festival in Perth. (Marcus counted 4 shows played and 10 altogether.)

Metal-Roos: And what else are you working on?
Danyn: Promoting the album.
Kurt: Yes, mostly promoting the album.
BJ: And we will do a video clip after the tour.

Metal-Roos: You have just released your album “As Dawn Bleeds The Sky…”. How did you do that? Did somebody produce the album?
Kurt: Yes, us.
BJ: Self-produced. We did it in 3 days.
Kurt: 3 days for the whole album. Most songs were the first take.
BJ: It’s almost like a live album.
Kurt: The closest to a live album we could do. All the songs are live and we just overdubbed some parts. The idea was to not do much rework and have a raw sound. Like with the older bands whose albums sound raw, wilder and not that perfect. We are young and it’s our first album. It can sound rawer and wilder.

Metal-Roos: Who writes the songs for Gorefield?
Kurt: For the first album it’s mostly me. The opening track, I actually wrote when I was 15…
Danyn: … I remember how we were all in that small room for hours…
BJ: … writing and writing and writing…
Kurt: I write all the lyrics and mostly the general idea. I get most of the credits for the songs but BJ writes a lot now as well.
BJ: It’s fun to write your own music. It’s more fun playing it. We are all putting our parts in. I try to put the drum parts into the computer but Danyn usually has to change that.
Danyn: It just doesn’t work.
Kurt: Basically whatever somebody comes up with, gets used. We make something out of it.

Metal-Roos: Who did your album artwork?
Kurt: Andrei Bouzikov
BJ: He did artwork for Municipal Waste.

Metal-Roos: What does the artwork mean?
Kurt: It’s the album’s title and title track in picture. The song “As Dawn Bleeds The Sky…” is about a dragon burning down a Viking village. The artwork is a modern approach to this medieval themed song.

Metal-Roos: You just supported Korpiklaani in Brisbane. How did that go?
BJ: It was cool but we had to start playing before they opened the doors.
Kurt: They were really behind schedule…
BJ: … and they said we have to start now. So we played for pretty much the bartenders. But after 5 minutes or so, they opened the doors and all was good. And the guys from Korpiklaani were really cool. Great party!

Metal-Roos: Which band would you most love to support?
All three: SKULLFIST! Kurt: And 80s Megadeth.

Metal-Roos: And what do you do if you don’t make music?
Kurt: Kill ourselves! Really! Before we graduated from high school we had those counsel talks about what we want to do after school. I said that I wanted to do music. They asked me for a plan b, if I can’t live of music. And I said: Then I kill myself.
Danyn: Music is everything.
BJ: Everything!

Metal-Roos: Nothing else?
BJ: We have this idea to build up a cleaning service called Super Janitor Bros and dress up as Super Mario characters. (True plan!)

Metal-Roos: Good luck with that and lots of luck with the tour and album promotion! It’s a great album and we hope that you guys keep making music (and don’t have to kill yourselves)!
Check out Gorefield’s album “As Dawn Bleeds The Sky…” and keep an eye on these guys – they have quite a future ahead and lots of potential. Gorefield are very promising to make Aussie metal stronger. Long live Aussie metal! \m/

Interview Date: 2013-11-02

Interviewer: Anja