Tyrant – Save The Devil (Special Edition Review)

Tyrant - Save The Devil

Save The Devil by Tyrant is a very good easy to get into the traditional-styled heavy metal album. Upon playing this recording there is an instant comforting satisfaction about it that you are probably going to like it all the way through. The sound is clean and professional with clear vocals, tasty guitars and a real jolt back to the late 70’s early 80’s traditional heavy metal. Which is my reason behind the comforting satisfaction as it is a style of easily palatable metal music.

Neil Steel’s vocals are excellent with lots of hooks and melodies to sing along to, a great recipe for repeat listens. Mick Adkins and Adrian Scott handle the guitars with a real kick and grunt with Ted Tedington on bass and Ben Ashwood on drums providing a real hard-driving rhythm. It is a rhythm that reminds me a lot of the glam metal days.

Clever to provide lyrics in the booklet that comes with the cd to help really embed the songs in your mind and your subconscious, some of the songs and choruses are earworm catchy. Songs like Lay Down The Law, Young Blood, and Runnin’ From The Law.

The standout tracks on Save The Devil are the opener Courage which sets the table nicely and is a very good introduction for the rest of the other seven songs about to follow. Lay Down The Law which I previously stated on its catchiness is the second of the standouts, with great guitars, and a terrific chorus that easily makes this song the most radio-friendly of the list. But clearly, for me, the highlight is Killing Machine.

This takes the album to a different level, with a lot more intensity and definitely being the most metal track. An awesome heavy riff accompanied by heavy thumping drums, Killing Machine lives up to its title.

A very small negative would be the filler at the end with the cover of Cliff Richard’s Devil Woman. I am not a big fan of covers and this didn’t fit the rest of the album.

Tyrant has nailed this release with achieving exactly the style and sound they were looking for. This is a very well-put-together album delivering catchy uncluttered heavy metal.

Get this album and help Tyrant, save the devil!!!

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Release Year: 2012
Label: Tyrantula
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Chris Rankin