Thy Art Is Murder – Hate (Album Review)

As the first song, ‘reign of darkness’, starts you get the feeling that Hate is one of the best albums of 2013. With their technical brilliance, Thy Art Is Murder is definitely one of Australia’s best metal bands.

The second and third songs, ‘the purest strain’ and ‘vile creations’, show how far they have come with their technical side.
Then comes the ‘shadow of an eternal sin’ which starts off with an eerie sound working its way into some wicked triplet notes before hammering some fast riffs.
Song 5 ‘immolation’ just like the previous song starts slow before changing to a fast beat with some great fret playing
Then comes the song ‘infinite forms’ starting with crying notes slowly working the pace up into a frenzy of heavy riffs and drumbeats that are considered blast beating and with a crazy guitar solo.
Then comes song 7 ‘dead sun’ from the outset this song runs at a furious pace with furious vocals probably one of the faster songs on the album.
Then comes song 8 ‘gates of mercy’ and just like the previous song it starts at a furious pace then works into some really cool rhythmic riffs and jumpy drum beats.
Then comes song 9 ‘defective breed’ and it starts with a massive growl and works into some offbeat riffing and drumming but still has an awesome effect on the song and following after that into cool triplet riffs in the middle.
Finally, we reach the last song of the album ‘doomed from birth’ and after hearing all previous songs this is a fitting end to an absolutely awesome album most likely the best album they have released so far.
On that note, I would recommend this album to anyone as it would make an ideal purchase for any metalhead.

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Label:Nuclear Blast Records
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Scott Max Wells