Ghost BC – Infestissumum (Album Review)

So I have now had a few good listens to the new Ghost album, Infestissumum. It is different to the first album yet instantly recognizable as them. The harmonies are all still there with deliberately clear and understandable vocals, but they aren’t quite as high as the first album. In this album, the songs are a lot more mixed in style and sound, with some incredible catchy poppy numbers and there are definitely a few heavier, metal sounding tracks, particularly, Per Aspera Ad Inferi, and Depth of Satan’s Eyes. Maybe their best two songs yet!!! One thing is still constant, their unyielding love for the guy in red with the horns. Overall it is a very good album and at times very easy listening, and it’s because of that, some won’t like it. Well worth a listen because it isn’t like anything else.

Label: Loma Vista
Category: Album
Country: Sweden

Reviewed by Chris Rankin