Heilung – Drif (Album Review)

Release Date: August 19th 2022 - Season of Mist

Drif is not so much an album but as the band, themselves declare it is an amplified history of the past and in the true meaning of the title it is a collection of songs that combined are greater together.

Utterly transcendent and transportive Drif is Heilungs third full-length album that is genuinely authentic and simply indescribable at times. The trio with origins in Norway Germany and Denmark are purists and experimentalists to their creative core. Their medieval sounds originate from the Nordic Bronze age, yet to define them is an error as this is music in its purest most emotive form. Not a single note is distorted yet its power is unmistakable, enticing, and enthralling

From the love song that is ‘’Asja’’, where it chases away evil and welcomes love to the haunting string refrain ( the bowed lyre jouhikko) that is ‘’Nesso’’ a healing spell with its incantations. The challenging palindrome that is ‘’Tenet’’ to the personal highlight is ‘’Marduk” an ominous slow building incendiary track that recites the fifty names of the highest god of the Mesopotamians.

Every track is a lesson, a moment in time, a chance for the listener to explore its depths and subtleties and get lost in its pure tribalism and beautiful honesty. Using handmade instruments and multiple percussive elements, Heilung makes every song unique and original from the mantra of ‘’Buslas Bann’’ and its curse, the juxtaposition of the male and female vocals per individual track reflects the story from the masculine roman bronze age to the feminine healing power of love

Drif is the perfect meeting place for like-minded souls to gather and celebrate love, poetry, nature, and history. Music in its purest form echoes the passion of the soul and the things that inspire it. Essential.

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Release Year: 2022
Label: Season of Mist
Category: Album
Country: Denmark / Norway / Germany

Reviewed by Sparky