Mantar – Pain Is Forever and This Is the End (Album Review)

Release Date: July 15th 2022 - Metal Blade Records

Mantar - Pain Is Forever And This Is The End

Taking their sludge and black metal trademarks ‘’Pain Is Forever and This Is the End’’ sees the duo explore a more urgent punk sensibility that began on their last album the covers tribute Grungetown Hooligans II.

Boasting one of the biggest production sounds in recent memory and dripping ins 90s indie street cred cool, Mantar are slowly, inexorably moving into a more mainstream position that sacrifices none of the Duo’s massive riffs and their extreme vocals. This is a collision of styles that is cohesive and now a part of the brand’s DNA. Brazen upfront yet still dripping in those huge sludge riffs.

Delving into the rock component of sound, the album swaggers with confidence and touches on the 12 bars that are blues, yet it has never been this heavy or potent.’’ “Of Frost and Decay”, ‘’ New Age Pagan’’ and ‘’ Piss Ritual’’ combine the immediacy of rock and punk and the darkness of black metal.  The vocals take on a more prominent role, yet for the extremist, those blast beats are still there  “Odysseus” is further proof of the band flexing their creative side and presenting the world’s toughest ballad!?

The grooves are huge and immediate the grunge element never more prominent, for the converted this is a must-have for the newcomer from the opening of ‘’Egoisto’’ and its Black n roll to the huge riff that elevates Horder, ’Pain Is Forever and This Is the End’’ is a record that will surprise and etch a groove inside your darkened consciousness.

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Release Year: 2022
Label: Metal Blade Records
Category: Album
Country: Germany

Reviewed by Sparky