Heilung – Lifa Iotungard (Live At Red Rocks 2021) (Live Album Review)

Release Date: August 09th 2024 - Season of Mist

Heilung – Lifa Iotungard

Lifa Iotungard is a celebration of people and where we come from. The collective of Danish, German and Norwegian musicians and performers do not play shows, they conduct live immersive rituals that must be experienced to be fully appreciated. Lifa Iotungard is a celebration of their live brilliance recorded at the iconic Red rocks amphitheatre in the US in 2021 and their fifth distinctive release.

Beginning with an ancient prayer ‘’ Remember that we all are brothers. All people, beasts, trees, and stones, and wind. We all descend from the one great being” ‘’ In Maidjan’’ represents their rhythmic seduction into the past that is as relevant as it is vital and hypnotic. An Album enjoyed at a large volume allowing the live subtleties and textures to envelope you with passion and emotion. Their music is a celebration that is informative as it is primal, their rhythms hide a complexity that is astonishing, the throat singing a vital part of the overall crescendo that is their ability to combine all instruments and voice into one collective force that reflects their dedication to their craft. Heilung is a feeling, which is overwhelming, transformative, and beautiful. The interplay between vocalists natural and dynamic whilst the rhythms are ever present, unique, and alluring. The result is a compelling journey that is enchanting and surprising as it undefinable.

The amplified History of Heliung is undeniable with their presence and energy. They are a force of nature that represents authenticity and heritage. Lifa Iotungard is a complete body of work where every track is a highlight and a deeper understanding that transcends music and creates a true healing experience. Live albums do not get any better than this that represent a collective in their purest state. Superb

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Release Year: 2024
Label: Season of Mist
Category: Album
Country: International

Reviewed by Sparky