Hellion (Colombia)

Metal-Roos: Welcome to Metal-Roos, Hellion. It’s a great honour to have you here.

Thank you for your interest! The honour is ours!

MR: Tell us a little bit about Hellion.

We´re a Thrash Madness band from Medellin, Colombia. We formed the band in September 2014. Our focus is to keep the flame of classic Metal in these days full of shitty music and spread it as a plague.

MR: After two full albums with great reviews, how was the reception of the new album with fans?

I should say that every production has had a very well receiving from the metal freaks that have listened to them. What has been really interesting with the recent album, is the reach and great distribution that it had. That´s due, mainly to Awakening Records, the label we signed with the last year. Those guys are the best.

MR: What is Hellion trying to say through their Thrash/Black Metal music?

The only thing we fight for is to keep Metal alive. This age is full of people consuming shit by all their senses. They consume shit with their eyes, with their ears, with every fucking sense. Even more in these third world country we live in. So we want to be apart of that, and follow the path of the rebels.

MR: In metal, Colombia is very well known across the world – thanks to their Extreme Metal. You are part of that scene, what’s the place of Hellion in it?

This is a very radical scene. When we started, some people used to look at us with eyes of judgement, like if they didn´t believe that we were real metalheads. Today, I think we have won a place in the scene as a band with real devotion for this genre and that constantly works to keep that good recognition of the Colombian and South-American bands.

MR: Any plans for the future?

Not plans, but things to work on. We are currently touring across the country and a city in Ecuador to promote our new album. We´re composing new songs and thinking about the concept of the next productions. We´are also working to get out the national frontiers and reach new metal freaks around the world.

MR: Right now, the world is shocked due to the virus that we all know. What can you say to all the lovers of metal?

Don´t stop consuming Metal, don’t stop supporting concerts and gigs that don´t get cancelled. Just keep yourselves clean and use soap…

MR: Thanks for the interview, Hellion. It’s a pleasure to have you here, don’t forget to tell your social media to follow you.

Thank you, bro, for having us and for work for metal as a real metal freak. You can find us on Facebook as Hellion Thrash/Black Metal, on Instagram as @hellionmetalsudaca, and YouTube as Hellion 666.

Keep supporting Metal, bastards!!

Interview Date: 2020-03-18

Interviewer: Jhossbert Gonzalez