Mental Disaster (Norway)

Metal-Roos: Welcome to Metal-Roos, Mental Disaster! What a privilege to have you here.

Thank you very much. It’s a privilege to be here. Thanks for having us.

MR: Almost 10 years ripping and sharing good death metal to everyone, how does Mental Disaster feel today?

We feel better than ever, I guess. We have just released a new album filled to the brink with sonic torture ballads digitally, physical format will soon follow. Death Metal is alive and well I would declare.

MR: The upcoming album The Repulsive Abomination will be out physically on April 10. What can you say about it?

The new album will be a continuance in our way of expressing brutal no hold’s barred Death/Thrash metal, the way we think it should be done. Third album down the road and we’re not slowing down.

MR: One thing that I noted is that the album portraits a direct theme and is very raw. What Mental Disaster is telling directly to everyone?

To be prepared for an album that takes no prisoners and leaves only mutilated cadavers, haha. By theme, I guess you mean our cover art? The anti-religious subject is something that came alive as a combination of the lyrics, and the crazy imagination of the artist behind it.

MR: Due to the band’s theme, were the religious institutions of some countries trying to cancel at least one show?

No, I can’t say anybody ever cared. As we live in a somewhat free society here in Norway most people these days have enough with their own lives etc.

MR: Apart of that, what was the most shocking experience of Metal Disaster?

Ehm..really nothing I guess, haha. We did have some trouble receiving the first batch of CDs for our very first release gig but even that’s stretching it concerning a shocking experience.

MR: We know that right now the world is shocked due to the virus that is spreading, what will be your words to all the lovers of metal?

Take care of your self and others, catch live streaming shows if the abstinence of lack of concerts gets you down. Now is a great time to support artists by buying merch etc from them.

MR: Thanks for the interview, Mental Disaster. It’s an honour for all of us, don’t forget to tell your social media to follow you.

Thank you for checking in with us. Hope people enjoy our music and finds their way to our pages at Spotify and Facebook, and last but not least we look forward to meeting you at a show!

Interview Date: 2020-03-18

Interviewer: Jhossbert Gonzalez