Hellion: Colombia’s Thrash Black Metallers Release Second Album & Re-Release Demo and Debut Album Through Awakening Records

Prepare your necks to crack and your ears to bleed with this pure, raw, fast, satanic and dirty act of disobedience from Hellion, the rebels of thrash: Debut full-length album from Colombia’s horde of pure thrash witchery. Hordes of Witchery is a raw, barbaric and blasphemous thrash metal holocaust. Hellion‘s second full-length, Rebel’s Curse, is an uncontrollable thrash assault containing 8 spells full of abhorrence that can only be conjured on the left-hand path. Last but not least, prepare for Hellion‘s initial demo The Rising of Wizards full of pure Teutonic thrash savagery. Originally released in July 2016, this rerelease contains 8 tracks of violent black/thrash torture and comes in the re-release with brand new cover art.

Demonic thrash attack from Colombia! The unholy metal trio HELLION was formed in 2014. For fans of Kreator, Sodom, Possessed and Bathory. All three releases been released on 23 November 2019 via Awakening Records.

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01 Witchcraft
02 Freedom on Leather
03 The Hellish Call
04 Dirty Ritual
05 Witch Lover
06 W.T.W.B.T.S.
07 Dark Side
08 Danse Macabre
09 Unholy Death

01 Summoning the Satan’s Crew
02 Bloody Torture
03 The Law of the Night
04 Into the Circle of Fire
05 A Wizard’s Pledge
06 Thrash Metal
07 Escaping the Oz
08 Congregation
09 Terror Strikes (SACRIFICE Cover)

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