Hitten – Triumph & Tragedy (Album Review)

Hitten is a heavy metal band from Spain formed in 2011 releasing their debut E.P. ‘Shake The World’ in 2012. The band’s first full-length album ‘First Strike With The Devil’ was released in 2014, with their second and third albums – ‘State Of Shock’ and ‘Twist Of Fate’ emerging in 2016 and 2018 respectively. ‘Triumph & Tragedy’ is Hitten‘s fourth full length, and was released in 2021.

As the band has grown, their sound has grown too – Hitten now delivering a meld of heavy metal and hard rock, with a massive melodic edge. The band’s new album coasts through ten songs over a fifty-minute run time, each one infectious and highly memorable. ‘Built To Rock’ opens the album with a Van Halen-esque guitar riff, proceeding to pummel the senses with blazing guitars and thunderous drums. Full of energy and oomph, ‘Built To Rock’ is a corker of an opening salvo, with ‘Eyes Never Lie’ a worthy follow-up. The heavy-hitting and attractive nature of the opening double is instant-like, making heads immediately look up and take notice. And after just two songs, ‘Triumph & Tragedy’ (the album) is setting the world alight.

Moving on, Hitten adopts a more mid-tempo yet heavier feel with the hard rock swagger of ‘Meant To Be Mean’. The all-out electric energy of the previous two songs is fully reined in, in favor of the heavy-hitting foot stomp. Energy levels return to normal with the metal and rock combo ‘Hard Intentions (Secret Dancer)’. A meld of two o’ the greatest genres of music – heavy metal and hard rock – Hitten delivers an infectious and attractive romp that is gonna plant smiles a mile wide on the faces of fans all over the world. Upping the pace, tempo, and bombast, ‘Ride Out The Storm’ is a fiery gallop of traditional metal, with the added oomph of the band’s hard-rocking nature. The fastest song heard so far, ‘Ride Out The Storm’ is a glorious gallop of “foot on the monitor” heavy metal that just demands to headbang. With brakes hit hard to slow the pace, ‘Core Of The Flame’ is a ballad come anthem come hymn like the swagger of mid-tempo mellowness and foot-tapping addictivity. Really spell check! Addictivity!! Surely you’re wrong!!! Okay, okay, maybe addictivity should be replaced by addictiveness, but I like my variation better.

Maintaining the album’s recent downturn in pace, ‘Under Your Spell’ strides on, albeit with a lot more energy than the previous song. The infectious nature Hitten has liberally sprinkled all over this album is phenomenal, each and every song is a laser-guided jewel that hits the sweet spot every time. ‘Light Beyond The Darkness’ returns ‘Triumph & Tragedy’ (the album) to the realms of heavy metal. The galloping rhythm, the catchy sing-along style chorus – Hitten are firing on all cylinders to produce what is most probably, their best work to date. Landing in ballad country, ‘Something To Hide’ is a mellow meander, lighters held high, sway from side to side moment that has tempo changes aplenty. A cracking breather from the pace and energy of the album so far, ‘Something To Hide’ is similar to the old saying “calm before the storm” – with the storm the eleven plus minutes final hurrah (and title song) ‘Triumph & Tragedy’. Taking a long stroll through all facets of the heavy metal genre, ‘Triumph & Tragedy’ (the song) is an unabashed climactic finish to a very good album.

Overall, an energetic and melodic romp through the genres of heavy metal and hard rock, Hitten has probably just delivered the best album of their career.

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Release Year: 2021
Label: High Roller Records
Category: Album
Country: Spain

Reviewed by Iron Mathew for Frenzy Fire, and Metal-Roos.