Hellion – Hordes of Witchery (Re-Issue Review)

Hellion - Hordes of Witchery

Somewhat of a beside movie sample at the start brings much-anticipated build-up for the first track of Hellions album Hordes of Witchery, which does not disappoint one bit.

Fast-paced drum roll into the first track witchcraft with a never-ending momentum. Harsh thrashy vocals and fast riffage.. brings one to think where this album is taking you. With fast licks of the guitar and solos, it brings you into their world almost immediately.

Then freedom on leather comes on, puts you in the state of mind that these guys mean business. Once again faced paced drums are setting the tone, with a high vocal range in parts. All the dynamics are working together and creating a new but old vipe on the tracks.

The hellish call is one track that sticks out, with the old school palm-muted fast picking skills of the guitars. Pumping full-on vocals of sheer power. It starts to draw you in like an abyss of hatred. With incredibly crafted solo and very genuine sound.

The dirty ritual starts off a bit slower paced with the chunky riff with harmonics and intense drumroll which then dives straight into the trash elements that we have all come to love.

Witch lover, nice slow sludge starts with an impactful follow-up. The ever clear elements of a punk feel thrash, guitar sliding bomb into the sections of the song gives it a cool change to modern thrash. The breakdown solo section shows some much-loved sequence.

When the witches come breaking through with an early 90s feeling start, sliding and whammy attack it on a nice level then bursting into a nice semi blast beat with plenty of ride cymbal action. The fantastic groove in this song with the old school chugging middle section. Few harmonics and drum brakes adding to the dynamics.

Darkside brings that nice distorted singular noted palm-muted riffs.

Awesome vocal harmony bridging into the solo section, with nice whammy usage setting an 80s tone on the sections.

Danse macabre, nice slow start with groove riffage. A complete change to the pace of the album. With trashy lyrics giving this song a dirty sludge feel. Drums taking a pace of half speed. High gain guitar leads in sections. Very enjoyable to listen too especially as a sort of atmospheric black metal influence solo comes in.

This now brings us to unholy death, downward spiral guitar riff into an almost slow out of sorts intro, then built back up to the nice fast-paced thrash. Again with harmonic elements and fast-changing drums and riffs. This band has captured elements of decades of thrash metal and incorporated them into this fantastic album. Very much enjoyable. Give them a listen. You won’t be disappointed.

Release Year: 2019
Label: Awakening Records
Category: Album
Country: Colombia

Reviewed by DK Kelly