Humavoid (Finland)

Metal-Roos: Welcome to the portal Metal-Roos, Suvimarja. It’s a great pleasure to make this interview with you!

Thanks for inviting me!

M-R: Tell us a little bit to all the readers, who are Humavoid?

We are a progressive aggressive metalband from Finland. I’d say that fans of Meshuggah and Jinjer might enjoy of what we do, and those bands are also my personal favourites! The band was founded in 2014 by our guitarist Niko and me. We shared the vision about composing and visuals, went to study music together in Helsinki Pop & Jazz conservatory and started the band with our classmates Jan and Aleksi back then. After school our paths fell apart smoothly and in 2018 Heikki Malmberg (drums) from Diablo and Mikki Rousi (bass) joined in.

M-R: Following in your bio, Humavoid is a “Progressive Aggressive Metal” band, which is a little curious that kind of tag, why is the reason to call yourselves in that way?

Yeah, that’s something we’ve been saying when trying to tell what kind of music we actually do. There’s a lot of progressive elements in our music like varying time signatures and unconventional song structures, but talking about the word “progressive” you usually think something a bit less aggressive music. Something like Dream Theatre for example. To make clear that we play very aggressive music, we wanted to add that term. And by aggressive I mean riffs that make you headbang hard!

M-R: Right now the band has one album, one EP and one single, and you are in the process of recording a second album. How’s your impression about this album that will go out in the near future?

The second album is a lot darker than our previous releases. It’s also very cohesive what comes to the atmosphere. I’m mostly screaming in it, what differs a lot from our previous material. And I love it! I totally feel I’ve found my own voice and my style to express myself. Also I feel like we’ve found what we are as a band during the making of the second album, now that we have a new drummer and bassist.

M-R: Almost a year ago, Heikki Malmberg and Mikki Rousi joined the band. That’s a new challenge for them in their career. How’s the energy and the joy to be with Humavoid?

Well, I’ll answer now for them.. From the beginning we have felt like there is something “meant to be” in our communication especially when we are jamming together in the rehearsal place. We’ve spent a lot of time together while practicing two days a week in Tampere, where Heikki lives. We all three have been sleeping over his place every week and we understand each other very well. It’s like we’ve known each other for a long time! We all like to play stuff and rehearse in a way that I’m quite sure many people don’t, so it’s awesome that we’d found each other.

M-R: There’s new tour dates foward, how are you prepared for it?

We’ve been practicing a lot, and personally I love spending time in our rehearsing place.

M-R: What’s the most exciting experience in Humavoid’s career?

This far maybe the most exciting experience for me has been the recording of some swans that we’re fighting over frost lake in winter 2018. It was totally coincidence and a magical moment! Those swans are now part of atmosphere of the second album.

M-R: Any plans for Humavoid’s Future?

Hopefully we get to tour a lot and make many more great albums!

M-R: Thank you so much for the interview! It’s a pleasure for us, don’t forget to mention your social networks to the readers to follow your career!

Thanks again, this was a pleasure! Please subscribe us in Youtube, follow in Instagram and like in Facebook. And listen our new single Monkey Trap. See you soon! 🙂

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Interview Date: 2019-12-04

Interviewer: Jhossbert Gonzalez