Hungarian metal act Nest of Plagues releases new music video ‘The Silent Ones’

Nest Of Plagues

Hungarian metalcore/deathcore band Nest Of Plagues recently released their second full length album ‘To Kill A God‘ on April 29th through a hungarian label, The album is about dealing with mental difficulties such as anxiety, depression and addicitons, and through 14 songs it finally arrives in a state where it is possible to live with these demons that dominate our lives.

The band have now released a music video for one of the songs, ‘The Silent Ones‘, featuring Lena Scissorhands from Infected Rain. The song raises an important issue when people can’t speak up when they’re struggling with mental problems and suffer in silence for most of their lives.

“We all struggle with something that is bigger than ourselves. What if that something is within us? Nest of Plagues is about coping with emotional state of minds that all of us have to deal with. To express this, the band combines grove metal with metalcore/deathcore.”

NEST OF PLAGUES is a band formed in July of 2014 in Budapest, Hungary. The band mixes heavier genres of metal like death metal, deathcore, groove metal, metalcore with different techniques of growling and melodic screaming/singing. The band also uses melodic guitar harmonies and a lot of sampler/keyboard and other electronics. Their first full-length album ‘End of the Comedy’ was released in January 2018. Since then they dropped 7 singles with music videos, toured in Hungary and managed to build a solid fanbase in the country. Their second full length album ‘To Kill A God’ was released this April.



Nest Of Plagues - To Kill A God