Icarus Lives (Australia)

Perth based Female Fronted Melodic Metal band Icarus Lives have had a bolstering 2018, opening for heavy metal royalty Pain and hitting the road in Japan with The Agonist and Cellar Darling, signing onto Hard Drive Agency full time upon their return from overseas. With their debut album “Vantablack” out now, the band are set to go even further in 2019 and will be one of the highlights to catch at Metal United World Wide. We get a few words from vocalist Sara to find out all about the band.

Metal-Roos: It’s great to see you part of this year’s Metal United World Wide! What can people expect at your show?

Hard hitting riffs and guitar solos, loud vocals you can sing along to, and a whole lot of energy. Be prepared to move!

M-R: Your latest album Vantablack was released in 2018, since that time how has it been received from fans and critics so far?

It has been received so well which is really heartwarming. When you put so much time, energy, and your soul into something, it really does feel great when people enjoy it.

M-R: How do you still feel about those songs now that some time has passed and have they changed much at all since playing them live?

Personally, I still love them. I think the themes that I wrote about in a lot of the songs can resonate with a lot of people, and there are days when I still feel the same as when I wrote them. I don’t think they have changed at all. The music still holds a lot of energy which I love, hopefully something people can get moving to and enjoy it themselves.

M-R: The last 12 months has been a great time for Icarus Lives, opening for Pain and playing in Japan must have been some highlights. Tell us a little about those experiences.

Opening for Pain, I think that was the first time we have opened for an international band. It was scary haha but also amazing. I get nervous before every show but I can remember the adrenaline for that one. It was next level and I really just wanted to impress everyone. Playing Japan was just like that as well but four nights in a row, with little sleep in weird locations (there’s a photo of me sleeping under a table floating around on the internet somewhere), but it was a life changing experience. It gave myself a whole new drive to keep pursuing this, and the bands we were touring with were such an inspiration for me. I could not have asked for a better group of people to do our first international tour with.

M-R: For those that may not be familiar with Icarus Lives, describe the band’s sound and what sort of influences are in the music?

Icarus Lives is a fast paced, in your face, heavy metal band, with influences from both classic metal, like Metallica and Iron Maiden, and modern metal, such as Bullet for my Valentine and Architects. Comprised of dual lead guitar, drums, bass, and female lead vocals, we mix our influences into something that’s heavy and hard hitting, but you can still sing along to.

M-R: What do you think makes metal such a great genre and what drew you to this kind of music in the first place?

I have always been a fan of metal since I was a teenager. I love all the instrumentation you get throughout the various genres of metal. Nothing is out of bounds, and there are so many talented people in metal. Forming with Icarus Lives and becoming part of the local metal scene absolutely cemented my love for it, as there are so many wonderful people who all love metal. It doesn’t take long to meet great people when you head to a metal show.

M-R: What are your views on the Perth metal scene?

I love it and I think it is still thriving. Going to events every now and again, you can see such a great turn out, and people are there for the music. I miss it if I haven’t been to a show for a while haha.

M-R: What does the future hold for Icarus Lives?

We are currently writing and beginning to record our next album, which will hopefully be out soon. Fingers crossed before the end of the year!

M-R: Final words for the fans before the big event on June 15th?

It has been a little while so bring your energy, I’ve got a lot to burn.


June 15th 2019 – Perth, Australia
The Civic Hotel, Inglewood

Remission, Hailmary, All This Filth, Icarus Lives, 2ndgraderenegade, Broken Hymns

7pm Doors – $15 entry
RSVP event page

Interview Date: 2019-05-28

Interviewer: Mr Rock

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