Innasanatorium: West Australian Heavy Metallers Offer Taste for Upcoming Album With Lyric Video Science In The House Of God


West Australians Innasanatorium release their lyric video Science In The House Of God today. The song is part of the upcoming album Odyssey Of The Mind. The album will be independently released on 10 July.

Vocalist Adam shares the story behind Science In The House Of God: “It’s about how religion and science are on opposite ends of the spectrum and can’t really exist together. Every scientific discovery that contradicted the teachings of the church at the time was branded heresy and people were killed or imprisoned for speaking the truth. Eventually science wins to the point where religion has become obsolete.”


  1. Intro
  2. Show Me Your Scars
  3. The Decline (Odyssey Of The Mind – Part I)
  4. Night Terrors
  5. Shifting Shadows
  6. The Despair (Odyssey Of The Mind – Part II)
  7. Scotty from Marketing
  8. Science In The House Of God
  9. The Desire
  10. Accelerated Oblivion
  11. Freak (Silverchair Cover)
  12. Outro

Adam Bomb McDonald – Vocals
Ryan Pearce – Guitars & Backing Vocals
Rapid Man – Guitars
Metal C (Tim) – Bass
Justin Sanity (Kelvin) – Backing Vocals & Manager

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