INTERVIEW: AJ Channer from Fire From The Gods on Soul Revolution

Interview by Andrew Massie

Fire From The Gods

As artists, Fire From The Gods are fueled by something larger than themselves, having adopted the tagline “In Us We Trust,” which means “we the people” are responsible for change. It is their unifying statement, which listeners will hear reflected in their latest album “Soul Revolution”, that aims to prevent society from succumbing to the growing malaise brought on by soul-sucking technology, divisive politics and environmental destruction.

We talk to vocalist AJ Channer about the new release, global politics and positivity through music.


On the new album “Soul Revolution”:

AJ: The fact is it’s different and it’s a different aspect of the band and we haven’t forgotten who we are so I don’t want people to think that. Remember we did this with the backdrop of covid, there was a lot going on in my life, I hadn’t been on the road a lot so I was coming from a place of ‘This is how I’m feeling, this is where my voice is, this is where we are.

On inspiration for the new songs:

AJ: It was my reaction to what was happening in the world and I’ve always written from that point of view. As a black man growing up in the western world, how did I react to how I was feeling to where I was. When politics dominates almost every aspect of your life which it started to do in the last 5 or 6, almost 10 years of our lives, politics has played such a huge part in how we behave and how do I react.

On touring with Megadeth recently:

AJ: Dave Mustaine bro, that’s one of the legends, that guy made metal cool. He’s the riff lord, that’s the guy and so working with that dude every day was incredible, it was awe-inspiring.


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