INTERVIEW: Martin Sweet & Peter London of Crashdiet talk new album & Australia tour

Interview by Andrew Massie


Just like a gigantic robotic machine with pre-determined instructions, failure was never an option… No matter what obstacles may have come their way in the past, Crashdïet have always marched forward, delivering their own style of Sleaze Metal they have become so well known for. Automaton contains 11 powerful sing-along anthems with massive drums, guitars, bass, and powering vocals (including a surprise special guest and a haunting voice from the past).

We talk to Martin Sweet and Peter London about the new album, bringing elements from the past to the present and what the latest update is on their postponed Australia tour.


On having original singer Dave Lepard’s voice featured on the album:

Martin: I think it started as a joke or a test. We worked with this producer on this album and the last thing we did was this intro for the album and he put that in there and see how we reacted and we all liked it so we kept it. But I think it’s more cool than emotional, it connects the dots.

On getting Michael Starr from Steel Panther on the track “Powerline”:

Martin: We just came up with the idea in the studio, like we should have a guest appearance in this song. We met Steel Panther way back a few years ago and it turned out there they had their eyes on us, they liked our music and we just popped the question to Michael Starr and he was like, ‘Yeah dude let’s do it’.

On the latest update with their rescheduled Australia tour and the frustration of dealing with cancelled tours due to covid:

Martin: We know we’re coming, we don’t have the dates yet so we’re waiting for the new dates. It was cancelled quite recently so the promoter knows we want to come so he’s setting it up I guess.

Peter: It’s been hard because touring is a vital part of both the band and our lives as a whole and overnight when it removes the touring it’s a big change that we go through and when we post only bad news on social media and on our website, it was really painful to do


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