JADED HEART – Heart Attack (Album Review)

Release Date: October14th 2022 - Massacre Records

JADED HEART - Heart Attack

Jaded Heart is a melodic power metal band from Germany/Sweden, forming in 1994. The band have released fifteen studio albums across a nearly three-decade career – with ‘Heart Attack’ the band’s latest long player, released in 2022.

Featuring the band’s incredible mix of old-school heavy metal and modern power metal, ‘Heart Attack’ is eleven songs and fifty minutes of hard-hitting heaviness that fans of both the traditional and power styles of metal will find extremely attractive. The album opener ‘Blood Red Skies’ hits the ground running and is a glorious gallop of “foot on the monitor” styled heavy metal. The kinda heavy metal that was all the rage during the eighties when only two genres of music existed – heavy metal and hard rock!
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And with Jaded Heart blending them both, fans of metal and rock will find something here to tickle their senses! An absolute barn storming opening to the band’s new album, ‘Sweet Sensation’ picks up the baton and gallops furiously on – and with more punch too! Jaded Heart has delivered an opening one-two that is simply sublime, setting an electrifying tone for the rest of the album…

…with the title song ‘Heart Attack’, a staggering storm of melodic heavy metal with plenty for the hard rockers to get their teeth into. And the chorus is oh so glorious – with every concertgoer joining in one helluva sing-a-long. For Jaded Heart must play this one live…it is the albums title song, after all! With a buzzing guitar sound highly synonymous with the iconic NWOBHM, ‘Harvester Unknown’ bounces into sight and stomps heavily forth, reminding me of legendary metallers Saxon. The infectious riff, the pulsating rhythm, and the involuntary head nodding and foot tapping that accompanies such a glorious song – it’s just incredible. And with an explosive turn of speed, the band storm on with the fast and furious ‘Lady Spider’, increasing the head bang ability of an already head bang-able album! I’m telling ya, the die-hard head bangers are gonna love this one, their necks enduring a vigorous workout to a red hot scorching tune.

All bar one of the album’s songs clock in at under five minutes in length, that one being the eight-minute long ‘Descent’. Losing none of the album’s incredible momentum, ‘Descent’ is a top-notch heavy hitter with a very attractive rhythm that hooks you from the off and never let’s go. And despite its eight-minute run time, interest never wanes – ‘Descent’ displays a phenomenal magnetism! And for the first time since ‘Heart Attack’ (the album) began, all pace is dropped in favour of the ballad-like ‘Remnants Of Before’ – for the first minute or so! And then heavy-hitting anthemic metal ensues – hitting hard like a batsman slogging a cricket ball over the pavilion for a six! Bustling heavy metal comes to the fore with the attitude-laden ‘Right Now’ – strutting around like it owns the place. Maybe a little grungy compared to the rest of the album, ‘Right Now’ hits hard and kicks harder and is a swaggering head held high march of “come listen to me”. And listen you will – believe me!

Melodic metal lights up the album in the mighty shape of ‘It’s About Time’ – its highly addictive rhythm heading straight for the heart, pumping blood all around the body – Jaded Heart making their fans very happy indeed! Since the album began, there has been feel-good song after feel-good song, the band’s nature to please absolutely overwhelming. And with no let up in the album’s incredible infectious level, ‘Bridges Are Burning’ hits hard like a wrecking ball, the band unrelenting in their aim to deliver hard rocking heavy metal to the world…something they’ve been doing for thirty years – and doing it with total aplomb. Now sadly, all good things come to an end – and so does this album. But not without one final hurrah. ‘Midnight Stalker’, amazingly increasing the power, punch, and infectious levels of the album to this point – hitting harder than a world champion heavyweight boxer! A spectacular end to a very, very good album.

Overall, a heavy-hitting and infectious album of head bang-able heavy metal that you’ll wanna listen to time and time again.


Blood Red Skies
Sweet Sensation
Heart Attack
Harvester Unknown
Lady Spider
Remnants Of Before
Right Now
It’s About Time
Bridges Are Burning
Midnight Stalker

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Release Year: 2022
Label: Massacre Records
Category: Album
Country: Germany/Sweden

Reviewed by Iron Mathew for Frenzy Fire and Metal-Roos.