Kataklysm – Unconquered (Album Review)

Death metal titans Kataklysm are once more laying waste to our ears with their fourteenth studio album Unconquered. The fact that this is the band’s fourteenth album is insane, with Unconquered they prove the fire that fuels Kataklysm is as intense as ever. With a strong message and an uncompromising video, the lead single Killshot gives just a glimpse of the ferocity contained within this album.

While the listener can recognise the trademark Kataklysm sound the band has once again pushed their boundaries even further. There are moments of pure savagery on Unconquered. Driven by the incredible talent that is drummer Oli Beaudoin seeks to destroy his snare in each hit and stomp his kicks back into the hell from whence they came. The mighty riff master J.F. Dagenais bringing monstrous grooves and just mighty chest-beating, chugging beer in a field and moshing your heart out attitude to the songs. The bass tone of Stephane Barbe rounds out the low end to make the delivery just so much more powerful. While Maurizio Iacono is waging a lyrical war with the issues of the world and fighting battles of triumphant personal growth through his words.

Underneath the Scars is an instant classic, Focused to Destroy You gives the listener exactly what their metal heart desires, Stitches is an absolute belter, Icarus Falling is another brilliant track, Kataklysm has done it once again. I feel Kataklysm fans will love this. Will it win new fans over? Well if you do not like death metal, I doubt you’ll like it, but no-one will deny the energy of Unconquered.

I hope they swing past Australia when the live music starts up again, whenever that may be, as I need to see these tracks live.

Release Year: 2020
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Category: Album
Country: Canada / USA

Reviewed by Jonathan Hurley

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