Paralysis – Mob Justice (Album Review)

Once again, I have had the absolute pleasure of reviewing a complete banger of a record.

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This time it was the total scorcher Mob Justice by New Jersey thrashers Paralysis. Here on their second record, the follow up to 2017’s Life Sentence the stateside outfit has refined and progressed their sound in a way that has managed to produce one of the best blends of thrash, hardcore, and death metal I have heard in modern times.

While often described as a crossover thrash band, I feel this label is insufficient to describe the angular guitar riffs, technically brilliant drums and crushing death metal style vocals present throughout the band’s sound. Many songs on this album required repeat listen until I could really lock into the groove, and I mean this in the best possible way. The variety present in this album certainly pushes the limits of crossover and I can see metalheads who were not particularly keen on the genre having a fantastic time listening to this record. Yes, this is a crossover record that contains blistering guitar solos, so no problems there.

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Beginning with the largely instrumental eponymous intro track Mob Justice the tone is set for an enthralling half-hour on sonic revelry. The album begins in earnest on the next track Master Manipulator, a two-minute belter with some excellent chugging, heavy riffs. Following this, we get the third track on the album and my personal favourite Oblivious. The brutal chugging verse riff plays so well with the hardcore half time breakdowns and faster thrashy sections. This track beckons the mosh as all great thrash songs should. The following tracks on the album continue to explore the hardcore/thrash boundaries, all while providing a collection of excellent headbanging riffs.

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Some further highlights are the excellent Onwards to Slaughter which contains the best halftime section on this record, and the excellent closer Had Enough which is a great thrash song.

If you have been occasionally disappointed by the lack of technicality present in modern crossover (other than the blistering speed) this album demonstrates how to perfectly blend thrash and hardcore. Paralysis brings perhaps a more thrash/death bent to modern crossover heavyweights Power Trip, and the result is something to behold.

Release Year: 2020
Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: USA

Reviewed by Jarrad Fisher