Krave – Self Exposure (EP Review)


From Brisbane comes this three-piece that have wrapped their emotions in barbed wire and presented in on stage.

They bring with them an energetic mindset and charisma to try to draw your heart by tugging on your innards with surgical sonic precision.

The band is comprised of Siana Davis (Vocal/Bass), Sam Bertolone (Drums), and Ryan White (Guitar).

Any picture of this band they are going crazy on stage with a driven fury to explore emotive alt-rock. Siana has an engaging voice with a potent boom. She belts raise the sun when she shreds her vocals. On the first track “Purgatory” the heights of her vocals are showcased. And that sun raises quick smart up without any of the usual blissful appearances over the horizon style of doing things. “White Walls” is a handy card for her to hand out to hand indicate what vocal abilities she has.

The EP artwork is surprisingly gruesome yet wholesome. A peeled back pericardium reveals an eye inside a chained up anatomically correct (probably) heart. It’s like we are able to see right into the feelings of the band and they are exposed to their core as everything is in the eye of the beholder I suppose. The whole setting is somehow serene as the eye looks calm and honest despite the fact that its carrier is no longer in the thoracic cavity but rather nailed to a wall via chains. If that was me I’d be a little shakier.

The guitars are the best part of the album ranging in styles of whipped up little solos flitting about in the background to grunge fisting riffs upfront. The start of “Alchemy” combines a flurry of riffage to create a powerful song. “Running” is a song that in you might feel like you are being chased down by a Howitzer. There are many layers to the guitars on the album so it would be impressive to see how this band translates to the live stage. The Bass guitar does hide behind everything else and doesn’t make much of any appearance.

This is an emotive album that could potentially be listened to over and over again and little bits and pieces can be picked out here and there. I did find there appeared to be a repetition of the song structure with minor changes that perhaps won’t mean I will be putting this album on heavy rotation. “Purgatory” and “Alchemy” have great production but the vocals don’t take me anywhere other than to repeat the title of the track many times. This will probably be freckin impressive live. The reprise effect of such a song style of writing may appeal to others and so I highly recommend people listen to his album and make up their minds for themselves.

  1. Purgatory
  2. Outta control
  3. Running
  4. White walls
  5. Walk of Atonement
  6. Alchemy

Release Year: 2021
Label: self-released
Category: EP
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Byron Lotz

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