OUR LAST ENEMY: Sydney’s Industrial-Metal Heavyweights Release Merciless New Single ‘Decline Atrophy’

Sydney-based Industrial Metal Heavyweights Our Last Enemy have just released their merciless new single ‘Decline Atrophy’ via Octane Records taken from their upcoming EP ‘As Above, So Below’ due for release on May 14th, 2021. ‘Decline Atrophy’ takes the listener through a spectrum of sonic assault ranging from pensive riffs, fast-paced drum & bass grooves, powerhouse vocals interweaved with cinematic multi-dimensional orchestral layers.

This relentless track introduces itself with a merciless punch setting the scene for the cinematically infused visceral soundscape to follow. Featuring heavy dropped tuned and rhythmically sophisticated guitarwork, complemented by methodically curated lead lines, this audible manifesto is underpinned by superbly tight drum and bass grooves. The verses continue with the onslaught with thrashy riffs incorporating a healthy smattering of vocalist Oliver Fogwell’s signature extreme vocals.

The band never misses a beat throughout the entirety of ‘Decline Atrophy’; the guitars become more ferocious and the drums intensify even further as if you thought it wouldn’t be possible at this point. The bridge heralds a contrast to the rest of the song with tasteful orchestral layers set in an undulating pace decorated with Fogwell’s hook-laden melodies giving the song a whole new level of depth. ‘Decline Atrophy’ is a sophisticated and complex song reminiscent of great heavy metal bands such as Black Dahlia Murder, Machine Head, and Fear Factory.

Guitarist Wade Norries on the new single “This song really turns up the tempo! It twists and turns from being fast, heavy, and aggressive to having parts that are layered in orchestral and melodic vocals. I was really inspired by the work of Jim Steinman (Meatloaf, Bonnie Tyler) when composing the Synth/Orchestra in the climax trying to really push the ending into sounding like a heavy metal rock orchestra! RIP Jim”

Following a successful release of their debut album ‘Fallen Empires’ which reached #1 on the iTunes Metal charts, Our Last Enemy have shared stages with Static X, Dope, Combichrist, Perturbator, Prong, Mnemic, Soil, Pain, Hanzel Und Gretyl and Fozzy, as well as having their music remixed by various artists including Divine Heresy, Mortiis, Dope, and The Berzerker, the band has irrefutably made their mark on the international scene. With their recent signing to Octane Records, this is Our Last Enemy thriving in their prime: mature, sophisticated, and deliberate.

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