Leaves Eyes – The Last Viking Midsummer Edition (CD-Boxset Review)

Legendary act Leaves Eyes fully embrace their vision of the Viking Spirit with this glorious re-issue of Last years The Last Viking album as a 3-cd set and Blu-ray

Fans of Leaves Eyes can attest to the beautiful box sets and effort the band goes into to delivering a beautiful package for their fans, The Last Viking Midsummer edition is no exception

Sure, this is a re-issue, of a relatively new album (2020) but if you hadn’t heard it before Listen to the energy of Chain of the Golden Horn with its confidence and self-assurance. It’s pure metal and features the impressive vocals of Elina Siirala who is now an essential part of the band and a terrific vocalist with her own impressive range.

The Bands Nordic theme is fully embraced on the epic The Last Viking, Bombastic, cinematic, and full of the glorious energy that makes them proud to be a metal band and accomplished musicians.

Night of the Ravens is pure Leaves Eyes with its romantic vocals and gothic inspiration. Varangians are the track full of Scottish-inflected style and stomp, Alexander Krull’s harsh vocals are still excellent and a great counterpoint to Elina’s.

Whilst their “gothic metal” contemporaries have moved on into more electronic fare, Leaves Eyes still fully embrace their metal and gothic romanticism, comparisons to original vocalists are unfair and this is for those who love to put their fist in the air and hail the gods of yore.

CD number 2 is the instrumental version, whilst it is missing the great chants and vocals you do get to enjoy the great riffs of Serkland and Flames in the Sky on their own, whilst the title track again is a musical highlight.

CD 3 is the soundtrack to the Viking Spirit documentary and is typical soundtrack flair. Yes, it is an excellent Nordic representation, but tracks like Into the Depths of Hell and Land Of The Rus could be longer with their mood-building, Galeids Of The Væringjar is beautiful and evocative, yet Chain of the Golden hand is more contemporary gallop than traditional Norse ceremony.

The Last Viking Midsummer Edition is a must for any fan and the casual listener. The band’s musical chops are without peer an accomplishment in creating cinematic visions and embracing Metal to its fullest

4 Big Nordic Roos

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Release Year: 2021
Label: AFM Records
Category: Album
Country: Germany / Norway

Reviewed by Sparky