SEDATIVE: Released New Music Video ‘No Hard Feelings’,

Perth Heavy outfit SEDATIVE bring you their 2nd Single of 2021 ‘No Hard Feelings’, out on all Platforms 16th September 2021. ‘No Hard Feelings’ is the 2nd of 3 Singles/Video Clips being released by the band in 2021.

‘No Hard Feelings’ is a song written out of pure frustration. Drawing from the anger and despair of consistently being let down, and sonically taking inspiration from slam and beat down coupled with Sedative’s now-signature blend of anguish and aggression. This second single provides a further insight into the bands more violent side.

The band took a unique approach when filming the Video Clip for ‘No Hard Feelings’ resulting in a one-take style experience which conveys the aggression and grief depicted in the lyrics. The clip was filmed by André Avila, with VFX by Kez Ellis-Jones, resulting in a trippy, in your face production which peaks with a frantic conclusion both sonically and visually.

Watch the Official Music Video Here:

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