LIVE PHOTOS: Chelsea Wolfe – Sydney, 17th June 2022

The Manning Bar - Sydney, NSW

Chelsea Wolfe - Sydney, June 17th  |  Photo Credit: Mira Live Photography

Chelsea Wolfe performs a career-spanning set on this tour, including songs from her new album “Birth of Violence” released in 2020. Chelsea Wolfe last played in Australia in 2016 for Tasmania’s Dark Mofo event, with her last full national tour back in 2012. In the meantime, she has continued to earn a cult following worldwide, propelling her previous albums ‘Hiss Spun’ (2017) & ‘Abyss’ (2015) onto the Billboard 200 albums chart and further critical acclaim.

From Roskilde Festival to selling out club tours, Chelsea Wolfe’s versatility as a performer and songwriter is on full display at her visceral live performances, whether solo or with her band. 2020 marked 10 years since her debut ‘The Grime and The Glow’ was released, sparking a career that has influenced and inspired fans across continents to appreciate life in both its darkness and light.

‘Birth of Violence’ was written and recorded in solitude at home in Northern California. Following the brooding heaviness of ‘Hiss Spun’, Wolfe chose to return to her folk roots. These songs describe ‘an internal awakening of feminine energy, a connection to the maternal spirit of the Earth and a defiant stance against the destructive and controlling forces of a greedy and hostile patriarchy.’ Opening track ‘The Mother Road’ quickly establishes this sound: simultaneously unnerving and soothing.


Photos By Mira Live Photography