Mattersphere – Mattersphere (Album Review)


Mattersphere is a 5 piece hard rock band from our capital Canberra. According to their website singer, Edward Deakin became dissatisfied with singing in a cover band and wanted to follow his dream of creating original music. In 2011 guitarist Rob Catanzariti joined the band after jamming with Edward. Edward took to vocal training to perfect his classic vocals and Rob also wanted to perfect his playing and after some line-up changes, they wrote and recorded their debut album Mattersphere.

The album is an all-out hard rock assault with heavy drums, thundering bass, head throbbing guitars, and clean-sounding vocals. Mattersphere show they have a love for the old school and many of their influence show within their debut album. One of the influences that I could hear was Danzig, I mainly heard this during their song “Devil in Disguise”. There are of course many more influences within this album but I will let you decide that yourself. Mattersphere has done a good job putting this album together and there is some softer songs but also a bone-crunching rock that will pierce your ears.

One of the things that stand out big in the album is the guitar work of Rob Catanzariti. He takes a simple rhythm riff and uses it to create a masterful solo. Rob’s soloing in the album can match some of the greats of the past. One of the best solos heard on this was in their most stand-out track “Believe”; the sheer emotion of the guitars and Edwards vocals make this song a classic rock ballad. Edwards vocals are very old school but effective with the ban. He uses different styles with vibrato which makes it effective. Of course, you can not take anything away from the other guys in the band as they also do a fantastic job of keeping Hard Rock alive.

Mattersphere has done a great job on their debut album. I had the privilege of seeing these guys live and their live shows are also a force to be reckoned with which all lovers of Hard Rock and Metal can enjoy.

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Release Year: 2013
Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Brent Logan