Hidden Intent (Australia)

Metal-Roos: Tell us a little about the band first.
Jay: The band was formed in 2011 when Chris and Phil decided to start a three piece thrash number after watching too many live Coroner footage. After a brief drummer hunt they found me and we have been gigging ever since. We released our debut album ‘Walking Through Hell’ in late 2013 and since then we have toured Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia with such acts as Desecrator (VIC), Oracle (Indonesia), Cold Fate (WA), Damn the Trend (NZ), Mason (VIC), label mates – Harlott (VIC), Deus Ex Machina (Singapore), Just One Fix (NZ), Forsaken Age (NZ), Alkira (SA), Imminent Psychosis (SA), Abacination (NSW), Cerebral Contortion (NSW), Metreya (NSW), Head in a Jar (NSW), Suffer in Rot (WA), Death Dependent (WA) and soon Toxic Holocaust & Iron Reagan (USA) in November.

Metal-Roos: Where is the band at now? Debut album is released and we’ve signed with Italian thrash label ‘Punishment 18 Records’, touring constantly, booking more dates and trying to network with some bigger touring agencies overseas to expand our horizon. What next?
World Domination! It’s all about getting out there and playing to as many metalheads that we can find at the moment, while we build on new material for the next album which so far is a bit faster and choppier than ‘Walking Through Hell’ but we still want to keep some of the grooves (somehow).

Metal-Roos: Who writes the songs?
Chris and Phil generally write the riffs in tandem, Chris is the poet, and Jay just sits in the corner and hits things.

Metal-Roos: How much from your personal life flows into the songs?
Chris: Well I’m a Youth Worker for a living which is a very stressful but a rewarding job so I use Hidden Intent as an outlet for that in our lyrics, most of the lyrics are about social issues with some imagination thrown in for instance ‘Get What You Can Get’ is about people that basically use you to get what they want out of you (kind of how i feel sometimes with my job). ‘Through Your Eyes’ is about swapping bodies with those higher in parliament so they can see what its likes to be ‘the little guy’ so to speak. I’m happy that i have a healthy/safe outlet where I can really express my anger and emotions without breaking the law!

Metal-Roos: Name an albums that you can listen to all the way through?
Slayer ‘Reign in Blood’, Sabbath ‘Volume 4’, Megadeth ‘Rust in Peace’, Annihilator ‘Never, Neverland’

Metal-Roos: What’s the song that gets the best reaction live typically?
‘Through Your Eyes’ always seems to get heads moving! probably because its our most balls out thrash song.

Metal-Roos: Any interesting stories from playing gigs?
We have a betting pool going as to which bit of Chris’s equipment is going to fail/break/not show up. There’s been more than a few hair vs headstock moments too (see the Walking Through Hell video!)

Metal-Roos: Bands that have influenced your style:
Slayer, Annihilator, Anthrax, Megadeth, Sabbath, Sepultura and a host of others, we all have slightly divergent tastes which helps keep an interesting mix of influences in our sound.

Metal-Roos: Which bands would you like to share the stage with?
Black Sabbath (a man can dream can’t he), Annihilator, Sacred Reich (seeing as we get compared to them so much haha), Mortal Sin, Anthrax, Artillery, Onslaught and so on.

Metal-Roos: How is the touring going? How was Asia?
Asia was amazing! The people there were so enthusiastic and friendly, we had an absolute ball, plus the beer is stupid cheap! Definitely the most craziest crowds we’ve played to (Rumah Api – KL, Malaysia!), wave a finger and a mosh begins!

Metal-Roos: The Mini Australia Tour?
It was great to get to the other states and try and spread the word of thrash… Sydney, Newcastle, Perth, Bunbury, they were all awesome shows and we cant wait to head out there again and party with the locals (WA is unbeatable for that).

Metal-Roos: New Zealand?
A gorgeous country (the Kiwi chicks aren’t half bad either!) They love their metal there and the gigs went off. Also was interesting driving through their country and having some nice scenery (trees, lakes, rivers, mountains) compared to seeing baron wasteland most of the time on the road at home!

Metal-Roos: Where are you off to next?
We’re off to Melbourne again in August (TBA). Chris has been chatting to Gorefield (QLD) about doing our first assault in QLD later in the year and planning another overseas attack early to mid 2015 so we’ll see what happens and how much $$$ we have!

Metal-Roos: What’s planned next?
More gig, more beers and more songwriting! We were looking forward to playing with Skeletonwitch and Toxic Holocaust which has been delayed until November (with Iron Reagan instead of Skeletonwitch who feature some members from Municipal Waste apparently) so that’s something awesome to look forward to!

Interview Date: 2014-04-28

Interviewer: Anja