Mayhemic – Mortuary Feast of Skeletons (Vinyl Review)

Mayhemic is a 4 piece thrash metal band from Chile. In 2019 they have released a 4 track EP titled “Mortuary Feast of Skeletons”. The entire EP is approximately 12 minutes.

Listening to the EP you could hear clear 90’s fast-paced thrash metal. For all the thrash metal fans, you will hear a lot of influences from your favourite artists. It appears that the boys can play really well. You can tell from the recording that this is not something that’s edited much, to me sounds like great takes during tracking from solid musicians. Most band members are involved in other metal projects in the country.

The production is fairly modern for the genre and there seems to be plenty of low end between the guitars and the bass which creates the heaviness. The drums are fast, yet un-complex and effective. The vocal sounds very black-metal influenced high screaming person in the background with lots of reverb. The vocal is my least favourite part of the EP but it seems to work well with the instruments. The guitar solos are incredible, as they should be.

While the trend in the western countries seems to go largely towards metalcore and deathcore, our colleagues in Chile are keeping masculinity alive by keeping 90’s thrash metal alive, which is great. Although we have heard similar music for the last 30 years plus, you could safely say this is done well and very enjoyable for your daily dose of thrashy heaviness. As always, I have nothing but respect to our colleagues in Chile.

Mayhemic: Facebook

Release Year: 2021
Label: Awakening Records
Category: Album
Country: Chile

Reviewed by Justin