Mayhemic – The Darkest Age (Compilation Review)

Release Date: August 26th 2022 - Awakening Records

MAYHEMIC – The Darkest Age

In August was released a new compilation from the hellish guys from the MAYHEMIC. The compilation is named “The Darkest Age”. To the chagrin of the band’s fans, this release has become nothing more than a compilation of previously released songs, but despite this, it is truly canonical and cool in terms of graphic art.

The compilation consists of 12 tracks, which cover all the work of the team in recent years.
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Also, a nice bonus in the album was two cover songs, these are “Dying Victims” (KREATOR cover) and “Tormentor” (TORMENTOR cover), which was previously released as part of the “The Rising of Darkness” split.

Tough, aggressive, merciless in their lyrics and technical in their music! “The Darkest Age” opens the doors to the other world for you, and be careful because it is not known what is hidden behind them. While listening, it is possible to call on Satan accidentally!
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For collectors of “The Darkest Age,” it will be a good addition to the music library, but in the future, we will expect new songs from the guys!

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Release Year: 2022
Label: Awakening Records
Category: Compilation Album
Country: Chile

Reviewed by Masha Tchi