Melbourne black metal collective Thrall share new track “Tyrant” from new album “Schisms”


Melbourne-based black-metal collective Thrall share the first advance track from their fourth full-length album “Schisms“, which is set for release on May 28th on vinyl via Impure Sounds and on cassette via Brilliant Emperor.

Titled “Tyrant“, this new track playing at Cvlt Nation, who commented “Between the relentless riffage and the unstoppable blast beats, this record has everything I need to drive my demons out! This is the kind of black metal that makes you dance on the Pope’s grave.”

Having been away from the recording studios for nearly seven years, Melbourne-based black-metal collective Thrall appeared to be relegated to the fate of “cult act”, especially considering they vanished after releasing their most accomplished and critically lauded album “Aokigahara Jukai”.

Back with an enlivened recorded line-up that features members of Gatecreeper, Noose Rot, ex-Extinct Exist, Förfalla, Slothferatu, ex-Ruins, Mar Mortuum and Myotragus, the group picks up where they left off, merging some primeval and heinous black metal, with a ferocious thrash metal attack, a raucous crust and miserable doom atmosphere.

Ripping, engaging, and despairing, new album “Schisms” shows a vast number of guests joining Thrall in studio and hopefully will cement Thrall position as one of most interesting and creative bands from the current Australian extreme metal scene. Pre-orders for the cassette edition are now available at this location and for the vinyl release are available here.



Thrall - Schisms