Thrall – Schisms (Album Review)

Release Date: May 28th 2022 - Impure Sounds/Brilliant Emperor Records

Thrall - Schisms

Melbourne’s Thrall isn’t just in the pursuit of extreme music. Their brand of Heinous Black Metal is dark and ugly, malevolent, and seething with violence. Schisms in the literal path in which they walk, the torn fabric of trust health, and decay.

It has been eight years between albums three and four and it is time not wasted. Schisms are furious black metal and thrash rooted in real metal that now incorporates seductive moments of doom and post music. When Thrall goes for the throat with speed it is vicious and savage and when they settle into a mid-tempo assault on the sense it is no less so,  the riffs in all their glory are allowed to breathe, the larger beats allowed to hammer home the vitriol, the intensity is not diminished you will be thrown into their musical chasm that is bold unafraid to experiment and yet always heavy.

The excellent agony that is ‘’Nihil’’, the memorable mid-tempo of ‘’Abyss’’ that explores the nadirs of nightmares that is without rest. The Guitar solo to ‘’Epoch” further defines their moment in time. I could talk about ‘’Dust’’ all day, Schisms last track is also their best, a beast of a song that takes you on unexpected journeys and destinations with fantastic ideas and riffs, not so much a song as an exploration of the psyche and all the myriad of emotion’s contained within.

The post-metal is huge and merged excellently with the slower doomlike passages. The elements of clean playing, haunting vocals, and pure black metal combine to make an album that is a complete work, the enslavement of Schisms is highly addictive, once heard it demands to be revisited and further explored. Brilliantly uncompromising.

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Release Year: 2022
Label: Impure Sounds/Brilliant Emperor Records
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Sparky