Melbourne hard rockers King’s Vengeance release video for ‘Lie’

King's Vengeance

Melbourne hard rock act King’s Vengeance have delievered a monstrously huge new track called Lie. The 6 minute plus epic has all the hallmarks of classic hard rock and metal. A huge intro followed by a fist in the air opening riff that evokes the best of pub rock meets NWOBHM, big choruses and some tastefully done throwback soloing that will have you wishing this song was available on cassette.

Singer and guitarist Dimitri Stathopoulos says of the video: “With the music video for Lie, we wanted to try something a little different. While we maintained certain aspects which built upon the identity of the band established in the previous two videos, such as the three of us performing in a live setting (filmed at Fabrik Studios in Box Hill), we added a few new elements which were slightly left of field for us.

The idea was to add scenes outside of the performance part of the video which complemented the meaning of the song and the message being conveyed by the lyrics in a subtle yet effective way, allowing the viewer to form their own interpretation of the song.

Shot over several weekends, we made use of some creative locations which lent themselves perfectly to the vibe of the song, including the cloudy yet full of character laneways in Melbourne’s CBD, having a drone chase Chris’s vintage car and shooting the guitar solo on the rocks of an ocean beach, interrupting the locals enjoying the sunset on a Saturday night!

The video was filmed and edited by our good friend, the talented Dan Kubiack and incorporated a recurring theme of something or someone trying to stop us from playing music, whether it be implied via a person yelling to turn it down or via a text message or through an overwhelming workload, the idea is that the band leaves behind whatever it is that drags them down, and meets up to perform and play music, ultimately forgetting all other issues in the world.. That’s the beauty of Rock N’ Roll!”


Listen to Lie here: